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73 , Mumbaikar in Gurgaon , celebrates Loneliness interspersed with occasional extended- family & old friends' reunions : all Virtual . Good Music , Single Malts & watching the world go by from his Smoking Balcony are his favorite pursuits. Also into pursuit of Safe & Secure Mid Day Meals for Primary School Children , in association with like minded individuals & institutions

Happy 70th Birthday ! Kaushalya Singh

Given her penchant for poetry , I thought  It would be appropriate that Kaushalya’s Platinum Birthday Greeting should be  poetry. Trouble is : not many words rhyme with Seventy  (bounty , shanty  , Damyanti  were some that came to mind … Continue reading

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A United Europe !!

Most travellers to Europe ( Schengen countries to be precise ) have often contrasted the tedious inter-state cross-border traffic in India , with the zero-checkpoint transition from one member state to another in the Schengen zone. Of course some EU … Continue reading

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The Brits are coming

My Brit brother called earlier in the day to tell me what he was up to on a balmy winter day in jolly old England & brought me up to date with happenings relating to his 4-month old grandson Rishi … Continue reading

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Namastey Europe

Got back mid November after 3 glorious days in Paris and 7 days in the Netherlands . Weather all through was most kind and at sub 7 in Pune on return continued to be so Stayed at a beautiful village called Houten … Continue reading

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Passion Emotion Sentiment

These three words are often used in our daily lives as synonymous , whereas they are in fact as different in their connotations as the proverbial chalk is from cheese ( I have never quite understood why chalk & not … Continue reading

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Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time , not so very long ago , News was News covering the proverbial “Man Bites Dog” happenings of universal interest from North East West & South . Debate on the other hand , was debate & never … Continue reading

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Expectations Reduce Joy !! Ergo The Joy of the Unexpected

Started Blogging 4 months back : mid-June 2012 , to be precise Posted a modest score of 27 : the initial two posts a week has petered down to a weekly average of 1.5 Crossed the 1500 views threshold : … Continue reading

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People Protest and Politics

   “—-The lady doth protest too much, methinks ”                                             William  Shakespeare                                                       This post is NOT about Ms Mamta Banerjee , even though I did , at one stage ,  contemplate using her ” Maa/ Maatee / Manush” ( roughly … Continue reading

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IDP Guru Nanak And I

We have done it again : apart from winning the under-19 Cricket World Cup for the third time ( Great !! ) & carrying parliamentary debates to TV studios & street corners ( not so great !! ) , we have made … Continue reading

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Veni Vidi Vici Rishi

I return after 10 days during  which  a lot has happened in the realms of events & non-events . Most significant in this collage has been the arrival of Rishi Kanuga , on 10th August , in London . This … Continue reading

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