The Brits are coming

My Brit brother called earlier in the day to tell me what he was up to on a balmy winter day in jolly old England & brought me up to date with happenings relating to his 4-month old grandson Rishi . That reminded me of an exchange of letters between Rishi & me when he was 2-months of age : cute inanities I had stored up for use in a blog some day & forgotten all about. Memory thus jogged , I have retrieved the exchange reproduced hereunder :

Rishi wrote to all & sundry when he was 2 ( months of course ) :

I am Rishi. Seven weeks, six days and 12 hours old. In a little while I will be able to crawl, talk, walk, swim and play football. Then my diary will be pretty full. So I thought, I will give you all a status update now. How I am getting on etc. Because in a little while I will be too busy for that.

Up until now my life is superchill. And so it should be. I laugh a lot and I am happy most of the day. In return I get to sleep in late, take an afternoon nap or just close my eyes in my rocking chair for a minute or five. My mum tells me there are people who spent a lot of money to spend two weeks chilling like this at the pool in an all inclusive resort.

So what do I like? Lights have been my life joy from day one. I don’t care too much about the toys. A soft toy called Giraffe? Come on! But lamps! They have been fascinating me since day one. Me and lights, is like fish & chips. I also like my friends above my bed, they dance quite cool on the music. And yesterday I met a new friend in something they call the mirror. I studied the chap for a bit, and decided he was cool so gave him a smile. He smiled straight back at me, so I think we will get on. Oh and I like chatting, in person I mean. I am not that digital yet, although I have been on Skype many times.

What else? O yes, I can do stuff. For example, I can put my fist in my mouth. Can you do that? And I can eat and sleep at the same time. How superchill is that!

Rishi xxx

Hereunder my response on the facebook post :

Hey pal ! Grt 2 hear 4rm u.

I too can put a clenched fist into my mouth & often speak & think differently & sleep in business meetings all at d same time without anyone noticing. That is a skill u will develop once u r SLIGHTLY older & about my age .

Till then ENJOY ur new friends & experiences.

The thing called mirror is very interesting . I too have one. But these days I can reflect without looking at it ! All my luv & cheers & God Bless u.

He has not responded so far : some day he will : may be soon & in person : my brother mentioned the Brits may undertake a Passage to India early in the new year .

Cheers & looking forward to meeting the youngest “super-chill” member of the extended family

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