A leading columnist writing in a leading daily on the loneliness of a superstar takes liberties , even before the last rites of the just deceased are performed, with the exact names of couple of his early dalliances : one long deceased & one of no consequence in the public domain .

The columnist  then goes on , tongue firmly in cheek , to state , & I quote , ” there was however another lady love (who)  shall go nameless : who understood (him) when she shared his life & home —– ”

The columnist finally ascribes, in first person quotes, to the aforesaid nameless former “lady love”  , claims that  ” she ( aforesaid lady love )  freed him from (his) countless hang-ups —- (she) liberated (him)   from all his inhibitions —– (he) was incapable of loving anyone . He was only ever in love with himself ” .

“She” in these quotes,  remains nameless courtesy the columnist , perhaps as a reflection of her deference to the enormity of the aforesaid “lady love” s present wealth & stature .  Bracketed “he” wherever it occurs is my camouflage out of deference to the deceased.

Journalistic euphemisms & anonymity have for long been the baneful prerogative of some so called responsible members of the fourth estate.

Her ( oops !! that narrows down the unveiling of anonymity somewhat ) sign-off line is her self- inflicted indictment , unintended of course, of her columnist credentials : ” —- there is a satisfying sense of closure now that he is no more —— the one thing that no body can ever deny him is —-( that ) everything (he) did , it was in his way ” . Surely she means ” — he did it his  way ” . “It was in his way “ has a completely different connotation , unless of course the aforesaid leading columnist wanted to be despicably mean to the memory of the just deceased.

For a more responsible obit-tribute to the deceased superstar , I strongle recommend Amitabh Bachchan’s blog for the day in : straight from the heart , with touching spontaneity , & impromptu excellence.

Of course , by his own admission, it took Mark Twain at least three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech !!

Cheers & a good night

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73 , Mumbaikar in Gurgaon , celebrates Loneliness interspersed with occasional extended- family & old friends' reunions : all Virtual . Good Music , Single Malts & watching the world go by from his Smoking Balcony are his favorite pursuits. Also into pursuit of Safe & Secure Mid Day Meals for Primary School Children , in association with like minded individuals & institutions
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