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Monsoon Memories 2 : Sukhad Yatra

All flights were delayed by several hours by the sound & fury of the  Monsoon. Kolkata ( then Calcutta ) airport , chaotic at the best of times , was in a state of cacophonous disarray. Indian Airlines had only just introduced … Continue reading

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A Birthday Requiem

Birthday & Requiem are definitionally dichotomous . But then so are so many of our thoughts & emotions : hence I excercise the Blogger’s privilege to stick with the title . This photo is of some six decade vintage : others … Continue reading

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Bol Bachchan

Caught the 10 o’clock show at Cinemax of Bol Bachchan : an outrageously stupid movie with amazing ability to make the audience laugh without respite. Some gems from the movie handled with elan by Ajay Devgn ( Devgan : numerology ?? … Continue reading

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A Prayer for Rustom-E-Hind Dara Singh

Most distressed to hear the news :  Dara Singh taken off ventilator support at Kokilaben Hospital & discharged so he may spend his last few hours or days in the warmth of his family’s love. It seems like only yesterday … Continue reading

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Monsoon Memories

Life’s a collection of Events & Non-Events : the reason why I gave my Blog page that name. Events & Non events dominate in most  inter-personal communication  :  in my case that was so , with a negative bias , until I was over 45 . … Continue reading

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This one’s for you , Amma

I have a special  reason to dedicate my blog this evening to my late mother : Amma as I called & remember her . Herewith excerpts from my tribute to her recently at the Golden Jubilee celebrations of the Ladies Club … Continue reading

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Wimbledon : then and now

Its Wimbledon season again & time to remember , almost like an annual ritual,  one Wimbledon of years ago  , when my daughter of about 8 months often watched  late-night telecasts of matches cuddled in my lap gurgling with joy every time a good shot was … Continue reading

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